Compost/Soil Amendments

Our high-quality dairy compost provides rich organic matter and benefits the soil most importantly, by improving soil structure, water penetration, moisture-holding compacity, microbial activity, and diversity in the soil.

Unlike most-in-organic commercial fertilizers, compost is a slow nutrient release store. Plant nutrients are slowly released, into the soil as the compost is utilized. therefore nutrients are available to the plant in one intense application.

  • compost
  • sulfur
  • ag lime
  • dolomite
  • Empire Mining High-Grade Gypsum

Custom Blending with our compost are available, are blending is consistent are even throughout the pile to ensure the best quality, blending is an important practice to save growers time and money. No matter how big or small we can take care of all your compost and soil amendment needs. Cain compost prides itself to be the highest quality and most consistent organic dairy compost available today.

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