About Cain Trucking Inc.

Cain Trucking, Inc. has been in business since 1925. Our fleet consists of over 25 trucks, trailers, and professional staff. Our diversified equipment and staff allow us to handle virtually all of your handling needs. Specializing in Agriculture and Construction.

Also, in the early 1980s Cain Trucking, Inc. started manufacturing certified organic Dairy Compost and custom blending of soil amendments and delivering throughout California. Today is one of the largest organic dairy compost manufacturers in the state of California.

Please do not hesitate to call so we may provide you with a quote based on your individual hauling needs. Whether you need freight rate for grain, nuts, gypsum, compost, soil amendments, road oil, dust control, or any other agriculture commodity hauling.


Our Services

Asphalt/Fertilizer Tankers in Tulare

Asphalt/Fertilizer Tankers

With over 15 asphalt tankers we can take care of big orders for any hot plant or refineries. Along with our fertilizer tanker division, we can transport organic fertilizers and various other liquid products.

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Trucking In Tulare


Take your load, no matter the place and no matter the size, anywhere you want. We have a fleet of over 25 vehicles to help you move anything you need to handle. Let us help you decide the best way to handle your loads.

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Compost/Soil Amendments Tulare

Compost/Soil Amendments

Our high-quality dairy compost provides rich organic matter and benefits the soil most importantly, by improving soil structure, water penetration, moisture-holding compacity microbial activity, and diversity in the soil.

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Nut Hauling Tulare

Nut Hauling

With over 65 sets of hoppers, we can take care timely your crop to the huller or processor in a timely manner and with great service Cain service guarantees, you the best quality in a critical time for all growers give us a call today to let us know how we can help you.

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Ask Your Query Tulare

Liquid Fertilizer

Cain Liquid Fertilizer contains beneficial Micro-Organisms that will enhance the Bio diversity of the soil ecosystem. We believe in putting back into the soil and keeping a healthy soil structure to help increase yields in crops.

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Oil Spreader Trucks Tulare

Oil Spreader Trucks

We have four ten-wheeler trucks and two bobtails to distribute oil for farmers, county agencies, and contractors; with over 70 years of experience.

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